My Adventures in Anxiety (PART ONE OF A SHORT BIO) By Nick Hensley

by Nick Hensley on Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 4:03am · 



  People don't change.  We get wiser.  We get harder.  We get softer.  Some of us become pessimistic while a few of us gain optimism.  Some of us get better looking with age... most of us don't.  Many of us convert our religion for hope, guidance, reassurance and even love.   Some of us abandon their religion for the same reasons. Morning people become night people and vice versa.  As for me, I hated the taste of whiskey until I was 27... yet today, I would start a cult based around Powers and the beautiful burn it gives my throat just before I breath into a microphone.  And I would start every sermon w/ "I have the Powers!!!"  However, my general "self"  has been consistant since my first coherent sentence; "Grandma makes better pancakes than you!" Harsh. Honest. Anxious. 


  In my adolestant years, I was an absolute terror.  Accordingly, my parents sent their only son to a shrink... (Dr. Nina w/ some crazy last name) for a remedy/ suburban excorcism.  Sadly, Doctor Nina only lasted 17 minutes of our first one hour session before she freaked out and exclaimed, "Nicholas, would be better suited in a more intensive therapy session that focuses on anger management and interpersonal communication skills." ... I was 10!  (Enter my first drug experience... RITALIN).


I'll be working on this short, personal Bio throughout the remainder of this year. I will publish them in small doses (Hence, the A.D.D.) here on facebook AND THE WEBSITE BLOG, as... well... let's call it a rudimentary blog (without all the sexy borders and the 10 Calorie Dr Pepper ADs). For better or worse, it just feels good to be writing again, as I'm a little burned out on music right now.  In other words, I just finished writing the new album and I need a break, but I still need some type of creative outlet.

Thank you for reading. 

 ...I guess I figured if I really have 1800 "friends", that maybe 2 or 3 of them should know something about me:)

- Hensley

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